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Survey: #MeToo is changing behavior in Milwaukee workplaces

There is no doubt that the #MeToo movement has changed the way Americans think about sexual harassment in the workplace. But has the movement changed behaviors? A recent survey by professional women’s organization Tempo Milwaukee was designed to help answer that question.

UPS workers deliver message with racial discrimination lawsuit

Every day, you can see the distinctive brown United Parcel Service trucks crisscrossing Milwaukee as their drivers pick up and drop off packages. While UPS can deliver your parcel anywhere in the world, the company is struggling with a serious employment law matter right here at home.

Techs triumph: Comcast and contractor agree to $7.5 million settlement

Though Comcast is the nation's largest internet service provider and biggest cable TV company, its services and products aren't widely available in Milwaukee. If the company does make inroads here, it might well do so with O.C. Communications Inc., a contractor that provides Comcast with the technicians who go into customers' homes to install cable TV.

Instacart faces class-action lawsuit over wages and tips

Instacart's pitch is simple and appealing: use the company's app on your phone to order groceries, then a "personal shopper" picks up the items from the store and delivers them to your Milwaukee home at a time that's convenient for you. While customers might be pleased with the arrangement, some of Instacart's independent contractors (they're the "personal shoppers") are not as happy.

Man says female employer forced him into sex and then fired him

Many of our Milwaukee readers will recall that two years ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that about 10,000 sexual harassment complaints were filed in 2017. The overwhelming majority (83 percent) were filed by women. While the #MeToo movement has helped more female victims of workplace harassment speak out and take legal action to stop the behavior, far too often the sexual harassment of men is dismissed or derided in our culture.

Wisconsin Gov. Evers signs order protecting LGBTQ state employees

When Wisconsin voters went to the polls in November of last year to choose a governor, they elected Tony Evers over incumbent Scott Walker. The change in direction was apparent on Evers' first day in office, when he signed an executive order that prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ state employees.

UPS settles religious discrimination lawsuit for $4.9 million

The familiar brown-uniformed drivers dart in and out of their familiar brown-colored trucks, dropping off and picking up packages across Milwaukee. Like everyone else in the nation, UPS drivers have freedom of religion and the right to worship as they see fit.

2018 was a year of fighting back against workplace sexual harassment

Like every year that preceded it, 2018 has been a tumultuous one. We don't yet know how history will judge it, but 2018 might well be remembered as 365 days of political outrage and turmoil. It might also be remembered as the year in which the MeToo movement emerged as a force for positive change, enabling people to more effectively report and stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment scandal led to Wisconsin educator's downfall

Some are hailing the decision by University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper to step down from her position on Dec. 31. Kopper announced her resignation in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual harassment by female university employees against her husband.

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