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Americans with Disabilities Act Archives

Despite ADA disabled can still face challenges while traveling

During our last post, we wrote about how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees that disabled people are treated equally under the law. Despite the Americans with Disabilities Act people with disabilities can still face challenges while traveling especially outside of the United States where the ADA does not apply. In this post we will continue to offer some travel tips specific to people with disabilities.

ADA guarantees equal treatment but cannot help when traveling outside of country

The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees that disabled people are treated the same as those without disabilities under the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped many gain access who could not before its passage but as more people with disabilities travel life can still throw up some hurdles especially when traveling in a foreign country where the ADA does not apply. In this post we will discuss some travel tips that will help disabled travelers.

Diabetic worker sues Walgreens for alleged Americans with Disabilities Act violation

The popular chain pharmacy and convenience store Walgreens has been sued by a former worker for an alleged violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The former employee is diabetic and the former worker claims that Walgreens violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing a reasonable accommodation concerning the worker's diabetes.

Starbucks Settles Disability Discrimination Suit

coffee beans.jpgI previously wrote about a lawsuit filed against Starbucks Coffee Company after it allegedly denied a reasonable accommodation to an employee disabled by dwarfism and fired her because of her small stature. Starbucks has since settled the EEOC disability discrimination suit for $75,000 and an agreement to conduct additional training on the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA") with employees at stores in the El Paso area.

People with disabilities suffer higher unemployment rate

While the Americans with Disabilities Act generally prohibits discrimination based on disability and ensures that employers provide reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities, the Act does not ensure full-employment for those with disabilities. While unemployment remains a deep-seeded problem for many, particular groups of people have been disproportionately affected by the slow-growth recovery. One such group is people with disabilities.

Deaf man files complaint claiming nudist festival violated ADA

Have you ever tried to put yourself in the shoes of another person? Imagine the ease with which you are able to go out into the everyday world is related to the circumstances of the place you want to visit. A snow bank may block access to a sidewalk, an entrance-way may not be large enough or a bathroom may be inaccessible. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, certain accommodations generally must be made and barriers must be removed to facilitate access.

Wisconsin Convenience Store Sued for Disability Discrimination

On May 25, 2011, the EEOC filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against Meffert Oil Company, Inc., which owns and operates BP One Stop stores in Waunakee, Wisconsin. The EEOC sued the company for allegedly firing an employee because of her disabilities. The employee at issue, who suffers from interstitial familial pulmonary fibrosis and panic attacks, alleges that the Defendant fired her for leaving work to seek medical attention for her disabilities.

Starbucks sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination

coffee cup.bmpThe EEOC recently filed a lawsuit against Starbucks Coffee Company for allegedly failing to provide a disabled employee with a reasonable accommodation. The employee is disabled by virtue of her physical impairment, dwarfism. The employee was hired by Starbucks to work as a barista preparing orders and serving customers. The employee alleges that approximately three days into her barista training, she asked Starbucks to provide her with an accommodation by allowing her to use a stool or step ladder. Instead of working with the employee to provide a reasonable accommodation, the employee alleges that Starbucks terminated her employment the same day she asked for accommodations. According to the lawsuit filed by the EEOC, Starbucks alleges it terminated her employment because she could pose a danger to customers and employees.

Children with allergies get help from allergy-sniffing dogs

Dogs that sniff out life-threatening allergens like peanut butter and tree nuts are recognized medical service animals under the American with Disabilities Act. To the owners, especially young owners, of these dogs, their abilities can mean the difference between life and death. The increase in food allergies among American children over the last ten years means that more young people in the United States may need the services of allergy-sniffing dogs.

Definition of disability expanded under amendment to ADA

People with impairments who previously were not protected and not offered a reasonable accommodation in their workplace may find that they meet the new definition under an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act. New regulations issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which executes the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act will expand the definition of disability.

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