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Posts tagged "Americans with Disabilities Act"

Definition of disability expanded under amendment to ADA

People with impairments who previously were not protected and not offered a reasonable accommodation in their workplace may find that they meet the new definition under an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act. New regulations issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which executes the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act will expand the definition of disability.

Woman's therapy kangaroo challenged under ADA

A woman from Oklahoma who suffers from depression has found relief from her condition in the form of a kangaroo. The kangaroo is the woman's therapy pet, and the woman's therapist has even certified the kangaroo as a therapy pet under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, the city where the woman lives believes the kangaroo presents a public safety risk and the woman is seeking an exemption from the city council to keep her unique therapy pet.

Taxis may violate Americans with Disabilities Act

How often do you travel by taxi? When you travel by taxi do you think about your ability to get in and out of the automobile? When many of us travel by taxi we probably do not think about the ease with which we can access the vehicle, and we probably do not think about the issue of access when we hail a cab. That perspective reflects the travel needs of people who do not need the assistance of a wheelchair. Now ask yourself the questions from above and think about how many taxis you have traveled in that were not wheelchair-accessible.

Parents believe school's non-allowance of service animal violates ADA

The parents of a 4-year-old disabled boy who uses the assistance of a service animal have filed a lawsuit against a school district in North Carolina that will not allow the young student to bring his service animal to class. The parents of the 4-year-old say their son cannot learn without the service dog's help and claim in the suit that preventing the dog from attending school with their son is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The definition of a service animal

Many of us are familiar with the idea of a dog serving as a service animal, but people in the state of Washington currently have a greater array when it comes to picking out a helpful animal. Under the state's current law monkeys, parrots, snakes, ferrets, lizards and full-size horses have been brought into restaurants under the guise of service animals. The state's current loose definition of service animal allows nondisabled people with pets to push the envelope of the service animal meaning.

Hard to navigate wintry Madison in a wheelchair

Even though the city of Madison, Wisconsin does a good job of complying with big ticket components of the Americans with Disabilities Act like mainline bus accessibility, wheelchair users say getting around the city in the winter is a strenuous activity. The conditions on the sidewalks and streets like piles of snow left by snowplows or unshoveled sidewalks make traversing the city hard for people in wheelchairs to use the streets.

Disabled and living in nursing home sue for alternative housing

Three disabled men who live in a nursing home have filed a class action suit under the Americans with Disabilities Act and claim that the state of Maine has filed violated their rights by not providing an alternative housing situation. The suit now has as many as 40 plaintiffs who face similar living conditions around the state. All three of the original plaintiffs are young men with disabilities who are living in nursing homes. The young men say that their living circumstances are depressing and want to live around others who are like them.

ADA may be broadened to include Internet

The Americans with Disabilities Act may be broadened by the Department of Justice to include the Internet and the ability of individuals with disabilities to access websites. When the Americans with Disabilities Act was crafted and then passed in 1990 the Internet was not an everyday fact of life. A time to publically comment on the expansion of authority of the ADA has recently closed as a new study shows those with disabilities do not use the internet at the same rate as those without disabilities.

Healthcare Services Company Fired Worker Who Had Cancer

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing Maxim Healthcare Services for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act after the company fired a 43-year-old mother who was fighting brain cancer and wanted to continue to work as she fought her battle against cancer. The company claims that the 43-year-old woman was no longer able to perform her job and was a safety threat to herself and to others. The 43-year-old mother passed away in August and her case is one of three cases to address changes made under the ADA that identified cancer as a disability.

EEOC Sees Spike in Job Discrimination Claims

Over the last year the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received the greatest amount of complaints in its entire history. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cites the state of the economy and a more diverse workforce as the central factors that have made the past year more active than previous years. In 2010, the Commission filed 250 lawsuits, settled 285 lawsuits, fielded 100,000 new complaints and resolved almost 105,000 complaints from the private sector.

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