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Jewel-Osco Settles Lawsuit Brought Under Americans with Disabilities Act

Supervalu Inc., the corporate parent, of the supermarket chain Jewel-Osco has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by former employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The parent of Jewel-Osco has agreed to pay $3.2 million for allegedly discriminating against employees with disabilities.

Former Teacher with Learning Disability Files Lawsuit Under ADA

A former middle school teacher who taught fifth-grade students multi-media and study skills has filed a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act against the school district she formerly worked for. The lawsuit claims that the school district did not properly accommodate the teacher's learning disability as she worked towards gaining her teaching certification. The former teacher is also the daughter of a school district board member.

Woman Sues Mayo Clinic on Disability Discrimination Claim

A woman who formerly worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has filed a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act against the hospital in federal court. The lawsuit alleges one violation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and another under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Another ADA Violation and Settlement

National Waste Removal Firm IESI recently settled a disability discrimination case brought by the EEOC on behalf of one its former employees. Truck driver Ronald Harper lost his job when his new supervisor found out that he's dyslexic. Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes sufferers to inappropriately or unsuccessfully interpret graphic symbols when reading. Jay Leno often famously and openly discusses his own dyslexia in the media.

Lawsuit May Extend Care for Disabled Under ADA

A lawsuit filed on the behalf of eight people who have severe disabilities may prevent their age based medical care coverage from ending. The plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit are in danger of exceeding the age limit or have exceeded the age limit of a medical program for children. The lawsuit argues that any discontinuance of medical care would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mother Files ADA Lawsuit Against School for Failing to Ban Perfume

The mother of a 17-year-old Indiana high school student has filed a lawsuit against her son's high school because the mother claims the high school has failed to protect her allergic son from perfume. The lawsuit was filed as a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and was filed on November 12.

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates its 20th anniversary this year

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, but several large employers, which should be well aware of the law, continue to violate the Act. The EEOC recently filed suit against Wal-Mart for violating the ADA when it terminated a long-time employee who requested an accommodation for his disability. The Plaintiff, a cancer survivor with limited function in his right arm due to cancer related surgery, worked as a forklift operator for 12 years. He performed his job well and received outstanding performance evaluations (including an outstanding evaluation on the last day he worked).

New Lawsuit Says Subway is Not Accessible for Disabled Riders

According to a new lawsuit filed against New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is not abiding by the American with Disabilities Act in making New York City's subway system accessible to disabled riders. The class action suit filed in federal court says that subway stations are not wheelchair accessible.

EEOC Sues American Apparel on ADA Claim

Imagine that you have been diagnosed with cancer. The stress from the diagnosis, the treatment time and the recovery is more than enough to handle. Among all of this, you also do not want to lose your job over the illness's treatment. You request the appropriate amount of medical leave and provide the needed documentation to your employer, and it is approved. It feels as if the concern over work has been addressed. Now imagine, you return from medical leave and your workplace informs you that your position no longer exists.

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