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The fight for paid sick days

Most employees around the country do not have legally guaranteed paid sick days from their employer. While the Family Medical Leave Act guarantees eligible employees unpaid leave to take care of ill loved ones, there is no national law that guarantees paid sick leave for individual employees. The fight for legally guaranteed paid sick leave is being fought across the United States, and Wisconsin has been actively involved but not successful.

How to inform your employer of your maternity leave - part 3

Over the last two posts we have discussed taking time under the Family Medical Leave Act for maternity leave and how to approach and inform your employer of your leave when the time comes. In this post we will finish up that conversation. Last time, we left off on the use of vacation or sick days to expand your unpaid leave time.

How to inform your employer of your maternity leave - part 2

Last time, we partly discussed how to inform your boss about your maternity leave time under the Family Medical Leave Act. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, eligible employees may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time for maternity leave and the law also guarantees the return of your position or a similar position after the completion of your leave. In this post, we will continue to talk about how to inform your employer of your maternity leave.

How to inform your employer of your maternity leave

For eligible employees, the Family Medical Leave Act entitles workers to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and guarantees the return of your job or similar position after your leave period. Sometimes planning to tell your boss about your pregnancy and maternity leave can be more difficult than planning for your pregnancy. In this post, we will talk about the steps to take when informing your boss of your leave time.

Father who lost daughter wants to expand FMLA to include grieving period

A father from Arizona who lost his daughter when she was age 18 wants to expand the Family Medical Leave Act to include a grieving period to mourn the loss of an immediate family member. The Arizona father's effort is combined with the effort of Illinois father who lost two infants within the time period of 18 months. The pair of fathers has started an online petition to amend the FMLA that has 11,000 supporters.

Trying to care for sick children while working

For working parents, a sick child can throw their entire day off and often parents are put in the position of choosing between their work and their child's health. While the Family Medical Leave Act covers workers when they have a serious health condition, need to care for a seriously ill family member or care for a new born child, the federal law does not provide protected leave time to care for sick children.

FMLA would likely be expanded if Defense of Marriage Act repealed

Under a bill introduced to the United States Senate on Wednesday by Senator Diane Feinstein of California, those who would be protected by the Family Medical Leave Act would be expanded. The Senator's bill would repeal the federal ban on same-sex marriages and as a result same-sex married couples would receive the same benefits under federal law as heterosexual married couples currently receive.

United States lags in paid leave for family support

According to a report created by Human Rights Watch, the United States lags behind 178 other countries that have mandatory paid time off after childbirth. While the United States does have the Family Medical Leave Act, the federal law only offers unpaid leave rights for new parents. In the United States, state laws may supplement the federal Family Medical Leave Act by providing additional time off or paid time off for eligible workers. Regarding federal law, the Human Rights Watch report entitled, "Failing its Families" says the United States is an "outlier" when it comes to paid maternity leave.

Proposed Wisconsin budget may change state's FMLA

The new governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, recently announced a proposed state budget that may change the state's Family Medical Leave Act. The controversial budget proposal has other labor law implications as well such as the ability of public employees to retain their bargaining rights. The new governor wants to eliminate the bargaining rights of public employees except the bargaining right for increases in pay relative to inflation. Firefighter and police unions would not be affected by the proposal.

Public school's business manager settles with school under FMLA

A public school district in Michigan has recently settled a wrongful termination lawsuit with its former business manager. The school's former business manager brought the suit under the Family Medical Leave Act and charged the public school did not abide by the 12 week of leave time set under the Family Medical Leave Act and instead fired her before she was allowed to return.

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