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Five things to consider regarding long-term disability benefits - Part 2

Last time we spoke about long-term disability benefits and began to talk about five things that Wisconsin workers should consider when thinking about their long-term disability benefits. During the previous post we talked about monthly caps and the idea of getting an individual policy when a company policy may not be enough. This time we will finish the discussion by examining the last three points.

Five things to consider regarding long-term disability benefits - Part 1

We have not spoken about long-term disability benefits for a while and there are some things that workers in Wisconsin should consider when thinking about their long-term disability benefits. Here are five contemporary issues regarding long-term disability benefits.

SSA findings should be considered when deciding long-term disability benefits

Recently, a federal court ruled in favor of awarding an employee long-term disability benefits, but the insurance company that provided the long-term disability policy plans to appeal the federal district court's ruling. The federal district court judge that heard the initial case found that the insurance company had failed to consider the Social Security Administration disability decision in favor of the employee when the company failed to award the employee long-term disability benefits.

Man claims he was wrongfully fired by Comcast for taking long-term disability leave

A man who underwent back surgery and wanted to use his long-term disability benefits to fully recover from his operation has filed a wrongful termination suit against Comcast because the company threatened to fire the man if he used the full extent of his disability benefits. Feeling pressured to return to work because of incessant pressure from his employer, the man did not get a chance to fully use his long-term disability benefits and recover from his operation.

Mild stress can lead to long-term disability and need for benefits

Mild stress can cause long-term disability that prevents people from working and therefore causes the need for long-term disability benefits according to a new study. The conclusion of the study conducted by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom is that the consequences of milder forms of stress should be taken with a straight face.

Long-term disability awarded to man with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Ninth Circuit appeals court ruled that a 47-year-old California man should be awarded long-term disability payments for his extreme case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The federal appeals court found the insurance company's denial of long-term benefits was "illogical" and "implausible." A federal district court in California ruled in favor of the insurance company, but the Ninth Circuit appeals court reversed the decision.

Pilot wins back long-term disability benefits

The 3rd United States Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that American Airlines improperly terminated the long-term disability benefits of a former pilot. The airline pilot experienced a psychotic episode and was no longer able to fly after the episode. Observers of the case say the most important part of the ruling was how the court explained the remedy for when an employee's long-term benefits are unlawfully terminated.

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