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Decrease in long-term disability: New drug for stroke patients

Seeking long-term disability benefits can be long and arduous road. Access to medical innovation is responsible for keeping large numbers of United States. residents off long-term disability who would have otherwise joined them. Recent reports in Wisconsin reveal that a new drug therapy method reduces functional disability and the need for long-term disability benefits.

Wisconsin teachers worried that long-term disability dropped?

Some teachers in a county of Wisconsin are unsure if they will be able to receive some of the benefits that the school district is scheduled to discontinue. The members of the Kenosha school board have made a decision to drop some of the coverage for teachers, both still active and retired. One of the considered changes that has caused the most discontent and uncertainty is the long-term disability benefits. The Wisconsin school district authorities have stated that the rising costs of all benefits and insurance are the main reason that they have decided to discontinue it.

Apply for Social Security disability online in Wisconsin

Situations may arise which may make someone unable to work. Many people who suffer from a disability apply for Social Security disability benefits. A disability is something that diminishes one’s ability to work or do certain tasks and sometimes a disability can be caused by an injury or a car accident. The traditional way for approval is to visit the local SSA office in Wisconsin. Now, those who are disabled can apply for benefits online.

With long-term disability and jobless: 6 out of 10 in Wisconsin

A report issued by an advocacy group showed that about 124,000 working age men and women with disabilities in Wisconsin were employed in 2011. The report also showed that 210,000 men and women with disabilities were also jobless during that same time. That works out to six out of 10 working age individuals with a long-term disability having been unemployed in America's Dairyland State in 2011.

Social Security disability can benefit injured Wisconsin citizens

For most people in Wisconsin, thinking about an injury putting a career to end is not a pleasant prospect. Unfortunately, though, sometimes injuries or illnesses do prevent an individual from being able to continue plying their normal trade or career. When this happens, Social Security disability can be a well-deserved and necessary safety net that helps them make ends meet from month to month. For this reason, it is worth learning about just how this benefit works.

Social Security Disability applications include report form

Social Security Disability is an invaluable resource provided by the U.S. Government to those who are unable to work due to disability. Social Security Disability claims vary from psychological disabilities to physical disabilities. Depending on one's disability and income history prior to the disability, disability benefits awarded to Wisconsin residents can vary dramatically. For this reason, many individuals seek the support of a professional for assistance when filing a Social Security Disability claim.

Wisconsin grain accidents lead to death, long-term disability

A recently released report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Wisconsin Agri-Business Association (WABA) suggests that grain handling is an area in which safety improvements can be made. Workers within the grain industry are exposed to a wide range of risks associated with grain handling, and the partnership between OSHA and WABA was created in 2012 to address safety issues pertaining to grain workers. Representatives from the two organizations meet quarterly to discuss worker education programs and other ways to reduce the occurrence of injuries that could lead to long-term disability and even death.

Long-term disability benefits approved after 2 year battle

Another state has joined the ranks in support of the injured and disabled. A doctor in a northern state had filed a long-term disability benefits claim stating that he was not able to work because of severe pain in his back. The insurance company denied his claim, so he appealed his case in federal court. His appeal was denied based on a discretionary clause in the insurance company's policy that required judges to review cases not on the merits of the claim, but on whether that denial met that insurance carrier's own standards. In Wisconsin and other states across the country, discretionary clauses like this one are still allowed, although it appears that this is changing rapidly.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month is here

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, which means it is a good time for Wisconsin residents to make sure that they understand their disability options. Disability insurance is an important lifeline for those who become disabled before retirement, and this happens much more frequently than most people realize. The Social Security Administration estimates that one-quarter of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled prior to retirement.

Judges sue Social Security Administration over disability process

Many Wisconsin residents can attest to the troubles that come with being overworked. Having too much on your plate at work can affect your personal life, your social life and your health--not to mention your performance on those actual work tasks. The latter is apparently a problem for Social Security disability administrative law judges, according to a lawsuit that was filed last week.

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