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Tips for Appearing at Your Unemployment Insurance Hearing

1. Confirm your date and time. Review your unemployment insurance hearing notice, and contact your attorney to confirm your hearing date and time. Your attorney will likely arrange to meet you before the hearing is scheduled to begin.

What to Expect at Milwaukee Unemployment Insurance Hearings.

1. LOCATION. Unemployment Insurance hearings in the 5 county Milwaukee-metro area typically take place downtown, in a conference room, at the State Office Building. Hearings are seldom held at remote locations at this time due to budgeting issues.

How do Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance claims progress?

Individuals are often curious about how their unemployment insurance claim will progress through the system and how long it will take. These are the steps and the available appeals. 

Is Unemployment Insurance Available for Furloughed Federal Employees?

Yes. If an employee is terminated or laid off from his position by no fault of his own, he is entitled to collect unemployment insurance benefits.  A furlough or lay off from a government position due to the current shutdown in Washington is no different.

Proposed Unemployment Insurance Changes Threaten Benefits

Yesterday, Wisconsin State Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, a 16-member standing committee, proposed substantial changes to the Unemployment Insurance system, including big changes to the definition of "misconduct" in unemployment insurance cases.

Are Unemployment Insurance Benefits Taxable?

It's tax time, and workers who collected unemployment in Wisconsin in 2012 are wondering whether they owe any taxes on their benefit payments. In short, they do. In 2009, the first $2,400 of unemployment insurance payments was exempt from federal income tax. The reprieve was only temporary, however. Like most sources of income, all unemployment payments have been taxable at both the state and federal level in Wisconsin since 2010.

How long will I continue to receive Unemployment Insurance?

In Wisconsin, unemployed workers who otherwise qualify for benefits may typically collect unemployment insurance benefits for 26 weeks. Since the start of the Great Recession, employees have at times been able to collect benefits for as many as 99 weeks. Currently, individuals who became unemployed in early 2011 may collect benefits in Wisconsin for up to 73 weeks. That can mean up to $26,499 in unemployment benefits for unemployed workers who earn the maximum weekly benefit rate of $363.

May I collect unemployment if I quit because I'm moving?

Whether you may collect unemployment insurance depends on the reason for your move. In most situations, when you voluntarily remove yourself from the workforce, you may not collect benefits. However, if you quit your job to accompany your spouse to a new city where she has received a new offer of employment, you typically may collect unemployment benefits in Wisconsin. The only other stipulation in that law provides that you be prepared to demonstrate to the unemployment division that it would be impractical for you to continue commuting to your old job after your move. What is impractical or practical is subject to interpretation, and may depend on your rate of pay, your job or line of work, the number of hours you work, and of course, the distance of your new commute.

Should I apply for unemployment? I'm suing my former employer.

Yes. If you have initiated an action against your former employer for violating your rights under the ADA, ADEA, Title VII, FMLA or most any other fair employment law, you have an obligation to mitigate your damages. In other words, the courts and their laws require you to take steps to remedy your unfortunate situation by attempting to earn money. In most cases, that means regularly and consistently applying for work, networking, starting or building a business, attending school, or a combination of those activities. It also means applying for unemployment insurance benefits.

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