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Good advice on an FMLA question

People misunderstand each other. It is simply part of the human condition. But when an HR director misunderstands an employee's use of Family and Medical Leave Act benefits, it can sometimes lead to inappropriate treatment of the worker that can include a denial of FMLA benefits or termination from a job.

We recently read a column by an HR expert offering advice to a director who wonders if an employee is abusing her FMLA benefits. The column helps make it clear why HR directors sometimes make incorrect assumptions and why a more careful analysis of facts can help them make good decisions about employees.

When health issues prevent you from working

Life is difficult; much more so when illness or injury prevents a person from working. Some of the leading causes of long-term disability include arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, back pain, heart disease, cancer, chronic pain and diabetes.

When one of these or other disabling conditions strike, it often leaves the worker and worker's family in a precarious financial position. It is a difficult time in which many people struggle to make the best financial decisions.

Family Radio is focus of wrongful termination lawsuit

Harold Camping was an evangelist perhaps best known for his widely publicized prediction that the world would end in October of 2011. When the forecast failed, Camping and his Family Radio sharp drop-offs in popularity and revenue. He died in late 2013, but the radio network continues to broadcast. (Family Radio is aired in Milwaukee on WMWK.)

The network was recently the focus of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by an accountant who says she was fired by Family Radio because she is a lesbian.

Graying tech workforce using courts to fight ageism

Milwaukee has made inroads in recent years in trying to lure high tech firms to our area. Not only do the jobs pay well, but high tech companies also tend to attract more businesses involved in software or hardware.

The high tech industry is dependent on innovation and has relied on a young workforce to help it constantly push technology forward. But the youthful workforce of the 1980s, '90s and 2000s has gotten older and is now pushing back against ageism in the industry. The graying workforce is increasingly using courts to fight age discrimination, a recent news article states.

Age of stroke, long-term disability dropping

The age at which strokes are hitting people is dropping, according to a recent study. The average age at which people have a first stroke dropped by more than two years, researchers said.

Each year, about 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke; about two-thirds of them are first-time strokes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability.

Study: Bisexual men, women suffer pay discrimination

A new study finds that bisexual women and men are paid less than similarly qualified heterosexual women and men for doing the same jobs. The research was published by the American Sociological Association in the American Sociological Review.

The study of workplace pay discrimination is especially noteworthy because it separates bisexual individuals from gay men and lesbians.

Gender discrimination lawsuits result in settlements, resignation

When we look around the Midwest from our Milwaukee vantage point, we sometimes see that other places struggle with workplace discrimination, too. One example can be found in West De Moines, Iowa.

The police chief there recently resigned after a sexual discrimination lawsuit was filed by a sergeant on the city's police department. According to newspaper reports, she is the most recent of three women to sue him and the city for sexual discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination against police officers stopped

It is a 6-hour drive southeast of Milwaukee to get to Florence, Kentucky. The modest city of nearly 30,000 residents has found itself at the center of a dispute over pregnancy discrimination.

Two years ago, a police officer there became pregnant. Her request for an accommodation was rejected by the Florence. Management told her that her only option was to use up her paid leave and then take unpaid leave for the duration of her pregnancy.

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

It can be the result of a sudden onset of serious health problems or the erosion of fitness over an extended period. Regardless of how it comes about, long-term disability is a condition millions of Americans deal with every day.

Because November is long-term care awareness month, we are going to devote today's Milwaukee employment law blog post to the topic. We will take a look at some statistics about long-term care and briefly discuss matters related to long-term disability as well.

Employees increasingly protecting workplace rights

We see it here in Milwaukee and we see it happening across the United States: workers defending their rights. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), people are increasingly willing to protect their workplace rights in court.

Lawsuits against employers for workplace discrimination on the basis of religion or sexual orientation are on the rise. Legal claims against businesses have risen 44 percent over the past decade, SHRM says.

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