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June 2015 Archives

Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act works, so why repeal it?

The need to protect Wisconsin workers attempting to balance family responsibility with jobs and careers is the reason why the state enacted its Family Medical Leave Act in 1988. The law prevents worker discrimination for taking family leave or medical leave.

Overtime pay rights may be expanded soon

The Fair Labor Standards Act may soon see revisions as President Barack Obama and other key politicians call for more employees to be eligible for overtime pay. While the proposed federal law is receiving backlash from business owners, it would mean more equitable pay for millions of workers across the nation.

What can I do if my long-term benefits are denied?

We hope that you never have to learn about your long-term disability benefits by having to call upon them. But unfortunately, the reason why such benefits exist is because sometimes people just like you can find themselves suffering from an injury or illness that keeps them from working for lengthy durations.

How do I file a whistle-blower retaliation case in Wisconsin?

When you see the company you work for engaging in shady — or downright illegal — practices, it can seem intimidating to report it. The federal government has whistle-blower laws protecting workers who would bring unethical practices to light. In addition, Wisconsin also has its own laws protecting whistle-blowers. Facing punishment from your employer for these kinds of complaint is called retaliation, and it is a violation of law. If your employer retaliated against your whistle-blowing, you can file a claim against them.

What rules apply to service animals?

Often, Americans with disabilities will rely on a service animal to help them perform everyday tasks. The most common example is a service dog leading a blind person. These animals are protected by the Americans with Disability Act to be able to go anywhere their owner does. There are a few important facts to keep in mind when it comes to service animals.

Long-Term Effects of Strokes

While most associate having a stroke with being in the later years of life, the truth is strokes can happen to just about anyone. In fact, one out of every three deaths in Wisconsin are related to either strokes or heart disease, many of whom are under the age of 65. Unfortunately, strokes are not just a minor inconvenience, either. With the main damage being in the brain, it can take years to fully recover, and sometimes full recovery never happens, leaving victims with a crippling disability.

What is a Bad Faith Disability Claim Denial Lawsuit?

When you are dealing with claiming disability, having the insurance company act unfairly toward you can be a huge setback. Not acting expeditiously and justly towards clients is called "acting in bad faith." This is not only aggravating, it is illegal.

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