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June 2018 Archives

Sprint settles wage-and-hour class-action lawsuit

Sprint’s business sales employees might be forgiven if they ask management of the company “Can you hear me now?” After news that Sprint recently reached a $3.65 million settlement with sales employees, there is no doubt that management has finally heard them.

Whistleblowers In Defense Contractor Lawsuit To Receive $4.4M

Branches of the United States military often rely on contractors to provide services to benefit the Armed Forces. Defense contractors employ civilians to perform these services. Yet, if a defense industry contractor seeks to pad its own bottom line through overbilling, the federal government may not necessarily be able to detect fraudulent billing practices. For that reason, the federal False Claims Act allows private individuals to bring forth information about unfair and unlawful billing practices to protect taxpayers and the government from fraudulent practices.

Long-term disability insurance explainer

We read with interest a recent article on a personal financial news website about two programs that help employees who are unable to continue working because of injury or illness. Both are familiar to regular readers of our Milwaukee employment law blog: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and long-term disability insurance (LTD).

Are you too old to read this?

The short answer: of course you are not too old to read this newest post on our Milwaukee employment law blog. However, that doesn't mean you might not be considered too old to read employment ads on Facebook placed by Amazon, Ikea, T-Mobile, Cox Media Group and hundreds of other companies allegedly targeting their ads away from job-seekers in their 50s and 60s.

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