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September 2007 Archives

Court Finds MetLife Arbitrary and Capricious in its Denial of LTD Benefits

MetLife was found by a Court this month to have once again violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ("ERISA") in denying a woman's claim for long-term disability benefits. The Court concluded that from the outset MetLife seemed predisposed to denying Plaintiff's claim in the most expeditious manner possible. Initially, MetLife shirked its ERISA obligations by having non-medical personnel curtly determine that Plaintiff did not qualify for benefits under the terms of the Plan, without any meaningful review of the medical evidence submitted by Plaintiff. When confronted with its lapse by Plaintiff's counsel, MetLife begrudgingly agreed to another review, this time with the assistance of a doctor. Unfortunately for MetLife, its hired gun did not honestly evaluate the medical evidence, and MetLife failed to recognize the determination by the Social Security Administration that Plaintiff is disabled.

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