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February 2017 Archives

Health care leads all industries for False Claims Act recoveries

While the public debate over the rising costs of health care continues to make headlines, the Justice Department believes that health care fraud is a costly problem. Fraud in the health care industry is hard to detect for the federal government without the help of employees who notice unlawful billing practices.

Uber investigates sexual harassment, discrimination claims

Eric Holder is the former Attorney General of the United States, but he has taken on a new job these days. Holder was recently hired by Uber to head an investigation into claims of sexual harassment and discrimination made by a woman who used to work as an engineer for the company.

Former city worker alleges disability and race discrimination

It was originally a pot in which different types of metals were melted and combined. Today, we refer to America as a melting pot where different cultures, ethnicities, races, religions and more are blended.

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