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March 2019 Archives

UPS workers deliver message with racial discrimination lawsuit

Every day, you can see the distinctive brown United Parcel Service trucks crisscrossing Milwaukee as their drivers pick up and drop off packages. While UPS can deliver your parcel anywhere in the world, the company is struggling with a serious employment law matter right here at home.

Medical Records Are Important For Successful LTD Insurance Claims

A disabling injury or medical condition can affect a worker’s ability to continue to work during the lengthy recovery period. Many workers anticipate the potential impact with long-term disability insurance. However, most workers are not familiar with the process of pursuing claims under LTD insurance policies. Medical records are important in LTD claims at every stage of recovery.

Techs triumph: Comcast and contractor agree to $7.5 million settlement

Though Comcast is the nation's largest internet service provider and biggest cable TV company, its services and products aren't widely available in Milwaukee. If the company does make inroads here, it might well do so with O.C. Communications Inc., a contractor that provides Comcast with the technicians who go into customers' homes to install cable TV.

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