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November 2013 Archives

Long-term disability benefits for loved ones in need

The holidays are a time of being surrounded by loved ones and celebration. However, such time spent together can reveal the declining health of a relative. Caring for a family member as they grow older and less able to care for themselves may seem daunting, especially if geographical factors keep relatives far apart. For some Wisconsin residents, long-term disability benefits can take the financial burden of healthcare away, leaving only peace of mind in its place.

How do Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance claims progress?

Individuals are often curious about how their unemployment insurance claim will progress through the system and how long it will take. These are the steps and the available appeals. 

Access issues prompt reasonable accommodation case

Employers and organizations are required to make reasonable accommodations for disabled and pregnant individuals. Unfortunately, pregnancy and disability discrimination persists today, and the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act should protect individuals that have experienced any violation of the laws. Wisconsin men and women can take notice of the action that one individual took to end pregnancy and disability discrimination and advocate for reasonable accommodation.

Qui tam laws protect individuals after witnessing misconduct

Feeling powerless at work due to threatening behavior from leadership or colleagues is a lonely, vulnerable position. If an employer or colleague has asked an individual to engage in, or overlook, fraudulent or illegal activities, legal action can be taken. Individuals in Wisconsin can seek protection and receive just compensation for any injury suffered for reporting the illegal activity through a "qui tam" lawsuit.

Familial impact of Supplemental Security Income included in study

There are options for Americans who are disabled and have limited resources. Children who medically qualify as disabled through the Social Security Administration can receive a monthly Supplemental Security Income. Although Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is an important source of income for millions of Americans, including those in Wisconsin, many others who apply for SSI on their own are initially denied or receive the bare minimum in benefits due to the confusing application process. Recently, a federal grant of nearly $33 million has been awarded from New York State to initiate an effort to improve services for children receiving Supplemental Security Income.

Long-term disability recipients may lose out on benefits

Injury or illness can keep individuals out of work and facing financial challenges, and applying for long-term disability benefits can be complex and long-winded. Disabled or injured workers in Wisconsin can take steps to secure the benefits deserved in a time of need. Recently it was noted that, as Wisconsin's FoodShare program begins to take a hit, many long-term disability recipients may be affected.

Long-term disability claim denied: how to take action

Americans receive unfair long-term disability denial claims every single day despite serious illness and injury. Some insurance companies love to take money in premiums but often hate to pay claims. Simply stated, in a profit-making insurance company; shareholders come first, policyholders come second. Wisconsin policyholders have the right to take action if their claim is denied. Recently, one policyholder filed a lawsuit against an employer for failure to accommodate long-term disability coverage.

Time Warner guilty of Family and Medical Leave Act violation?

A major corporation has been accused of gender discrimination under basic FMLA laws. In Wisconsin and elsewhere, the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to all public agencies, all public and private elementary and secondary schools, and companies with 50 or more employees. Recently, a CNN journalist has accused Time Warner of committing FMLA-related gender discrimination.

Was whistleblower offered severance pay to drop claims?

Many Wisconsin employees may feel they are able to bring safety concerns to the attention of their employer without fear of retaliation. However, this is not the case for many employees around the country. One engineer from a northwestern state brought several safety issues to the attention of his employer regarding a project worth billions of dollars. He claims that he suffered retaliation and was even fired from his job directly as a consequence of his being a whistleblower.

Whistleblower receives justice for employer fraud and misconduct

Though Wisconsin workers appreciate the protection of the law, their lives and careers can still be damaged by pressure from higher authorities to commit illegal acts. Everyone has a right to speak out against these abuses without fear of punishment, and those who assert it are often justly rewarded. Whistleblowers perform a public service by upholding what is ethical and fair, but in doing so, they also assume great risk. A whistleblower employee in Wisconsin can be protected under various circumstances, no matter the area of litigation.

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