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Walmart settles pregnancy discrimination lawsuit for $14 million

Walmart has stores in Milwaukee, the suburbs and across Wisconsin. The world’s largest employer has 99 stores in our state, providing thousands of jobs.

The giant retailer recently agreed to a $14 million settlement of a class-action pregnancy discrimination lawsuit that makes it plain that not all of its workers are treated the same. According to the suit, Walmart violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA).

A look at differences between Wisconsin and federal employment law

No one has to be told what the bite in the air means: it is time to get your car and home ready for another cold Wisconsin winter. In order for Badger State residents to survive winter comfortably, it’s important to understand the differences between our winters and those in sunnier climes.

It’s just as important for employers to understand the sometimes significant differences between Wisconsin employment law and federal employment law.

5 mistakes long-term disability applicants make

Countless ill, injured or disabled workers submit long-term disability claims every day. In fact, 20-year-olds today have a one in four chance of experiencing a disabling health event before retirement. Wisconsin workers should know that a long-term disability application is a complex process.

You need to fill out your application carefully, thoroughly and in a timely manner. It is crucial that your application demonstrates the true extent of your illness, injury or disability to the recipient who will either decide in favor or against awarding you benefits.

FMS test helps patients fight for long-term disability benefits

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a rheumatoid disorder of the muscles and bones that causes pain and fatigue. Patients and doctors understand full well the condition's devastating effects and how it can prevent people from working - and a new blood test helps make that clear to insurers, too.

Because FMS has traditionally been diagnosed based on subjective evidence reported by patients, insurance companies have routinely denied long-term disability insurance claims to those with FMS. However, an objective test to diagnose fibromyalgia is now available. The FM/a Test is a simple blood test that can usually produce results within a week.

Wisconsin Walmart worker awarded $5.2 million in disability discrimination case

He worked as a cart-pusher at the Walmart on Milwaukee Road for 16 years before a new manager took over the store and rearranged his working life. The longtime employee has a developmental disability and is also deaf and visually impaired. He had a reasonable accommodation from Walmart, receiving assistance from a job coach who was paid by public funding.

But the new manager of the Beloit store had other ideas that included ending the accommodation and terminating the man's employment. Despite the significant challenges inherent in his situation, the former Walmart worker has prevailed, however. After a three-and-a-half-day trial in his disability discrimination lawsuit, a federal jury awarded him $5.2 million in damages.

Supreme Court's Domino's denial is big win for disability rights

No matter which part of Milwaukee you live or work in, there's a Domino's Pizza franchise near you. If it feels as if the popular pizza chain is everywhere, it's not an illusion. Domino's has for several years been running ads touting the ease with which you can order its food online.

Not everyone is able to use the company's website or app, however. The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced it would not hear Domino's petition to appeal a decision in a disability discrimination lawsuit that the company must make its site and app accessible to people with disabilities. The high court's denial is widely hailed as a victory for disability rights advocates who argue that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to websites and other digital platforms.

Can the IRS touch your long-term disability money?

Having a permanent disability is a life-changing happening. Not being able to work can leave you wondering how you’re going to make ends meet. Thankfully, you have long-term disability insurance benefits to help.

Unfortunately, the IRS does not tax your disability money. The government is still going to want to receive their share of your benefit money. That is, of course, unless you qualify for the disability income tax credit. This credit is a way to save you some money come tax time for eligible taxpayers.

Can freelancers get long-term disability coverage?

Like many people, you might do freelance work. And whether your freelance jobs serve as your primary source of income, portfolio-building opportunity or retirement savings, you might wish you had employee benefits.

However, did you know you could get long-term disability (LTD) insurance as a freelancer? A low-cost policy could be helpful in the event of an injury or unexpected medical condition. And there are a variety of reasons why LTD might be of interest.

Low Ryder? Rental company sued for racial discrimination

You can rent a Ryder truck at more than a dozen locations across the Milwaukee area and the state of Wisconsin. The company rents more than 37,000 vans, moving trucks, 18-wheelers and commercial trailers to consumers of any size, shape, color or background.

But Ryder and a staffing agency it uses to find workers are accused of subjecting African American workers to racial harassment and retaliation, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

How does long-term disability insurance help me?

According to the Social Security Administration, around one in four Americans will face some kind of disability before retiring. And on average, a disability will prevent someone from working for close to three years.

A disability that prevents you from working can cause a significant financial strain on your life. Not only will you have medical bills to treat your disability, but you will also not receive a steady paycheck to cover the cost of living. When a disability prevents you from working, long-term disability insurance can supplement your income.

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