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October 2015 Archives

Wisconsin Ban the Box campaign aims to protect applicants’ rights

Over the last few decades, employment law has evolved to restrict discrimination on many factors: sex, age, religion, color, natural origin and, more recently, LGBT issues. But another area of discrimination has been getting increased attention across the country. The issue is whether and how much a prospective employer can investigate an applicant’s criminal history.

I reported fraud and faced retaliation, now what?

Bringing forth information and allegations that condemn an individual or Wisconsin-based business for committing fraud against the federal government takes a great deal of bravery. People who shed light on situations that are of public or federal concern often face backlash and retaliation. This can blemish a person’s professional as personal reputation.

Discrimination for taking family leave

Not one person in Wisconsin goes through their entire life without having to take leave from their place of employment for various reasons. This could include a personal medical issue or another situation relating to a close family member or child. When the time comes for you to ask your employer for leave, you might be intimidated by the fear of resentment from your employer because you needed to be away from work. Discrimination for taking leave is all too common, but your right to care for yourself and your family is protected through the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Mirror, mirror: can discrimination be based on my appearance?

Since laws forbidding employment discrimination were passed, they have been expanded to include other forms of discrimination as society has progressed socially. Obesity and sexual orientation can now be recognized as forms of discrimination. Obesity discrimination is closely related to another form that seems to be increasingly recognized by the courts: lookism.

You are protected against pregnancy discrimination

Many pregnant women in Wisconsin have walked into a job interview or held out hope for a big promotion only to be turned away due to their pregnancy related medical conditions. It is important that women are aware that they are protected against discrimination thanks to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Your rights as adoptive parents

When a couple gives birth to a biological baby, it is normal for one or both of the parents to take at least a few weeks of leave to build a bond, heal from labor and nurture their new addition. This right is protected under the Family Medical Leave Act, which requires employers to allow parents to take unpaid leave, at minimum.

Prospective employer retaliation against past whistleblowers

Most of the time when we think of employer retaliation against employees for whistleblowing activity, we think of it in the context of an existing or past employee of the company against which he or she is making the accusation of misconduct. Less commonly thought of is a situation in which a former employee of the company against which he or she brought a whistleblower claim seeks employment at a new company that learns about the candidate's whistleblower history and declines to hire that person.

What federal whistle-blower protections are in place?

One of the biggest sources of workplace harassment is targeting of whistle-blowers for retribution, censure or retaliation by the employer. Fortunately, there are federal protections in place to protect people who report unfair or unsafe employment practices.

Whistleblower brings justice to area tradesmen for illegal wages

A Wisconsin construction company owner has been sentenced to two years’ probation for his scheme of paying his workers less than the prevailing wage for roofers working on a housing project in the local area. The man has also been ordered to pay over $659,000 in restitution in addition to the $1 million he has already been ordered to pay to settle a whistleblower lawsuit.

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