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April 2013 Archives

Government files lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

Back in February in this Milwaukee Employment Law Blog, we wrote about the U.S. Justice Department joining in the whistle-blower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong. This week, the Justice Department made it official and filed a formal complaint against the disgraced champion cyclist. The lawsuit also targets the team owners.

Whistle-blower faces retaliation after filing safety complaint

One very important right of workers here in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S. is the right to voice workplace safety concerns without the fear of retaliation. Employees need to be able to express their concerns about workplace hazards and safety threats so that the employer, or authorities, can be aware of any issues that may endanger workers or patrons.

Victims of domestic violence may have FMLA rights

Several months ago in this Wisconsin Employment Law Blog, we discussed the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's message to employers who may employ victims of domestic violence. Although victims of domestic violence are not a protected class under federal anti-discrimination laws, the EEOC suggested that it may be illegal for employers to discriminate against victims under a number of overlapping laws. For example, not allowing a woman to leave work for a protective order proceeding might qualify as sex discrimination if male employees have been allowed to leave work for court dates.

Wal-Mart sued after firing victim of workplace sexual harassment

Employment claims filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act here in Wisconsin often involve accusations of discrimination in hiring, advancement or other work-related activities. Discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace is often subtle--such as the failure of an employer to provide a worker with accommodations that would aid in his or her abilities to do a job, for example. A lawsuit that was recently filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against a division of Wal-Mart involves allegations of very egregious ADA violations.

Equal Pay Day reminds Wisconsin workers of wage gap

Women and minorities recognized Equal Pay Day in Milwaukee on Tuesday by holding a demonstration at the Equal Rights Division, according to a local news report. The group used the occasion to call for the strengthening of existing anti-discrimination employment laws, and State Rep. Chris Sinicki and Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson spoke at the event.

Reasons your disability insurance claim may be denied

We often discuss wrongful long-term disability insurance claim denials in this blog. Many of our readers might wonder why it is that disability insurance companies deny claims so often. The answer to this is complex, as there are a number of reasons claims might be denied, but a recent Huffington Post column discusses a few of the issues.

Is the Social Security disability program facing crisis?

The Social Security Administration's solvency or lack thereof is frequently in the news here in Wisconsin. It has been forecast that the administration's trust fund will be exhausted sometime in the 2030s, which means that by that time taxes will need to be raised to fund the program or benefits will need to be cut. Politicians argue back and forth about what to do about this issue, most often focusing on the retirement benefits that are most commonly associated with Social Security.

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