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July 2018 Archives

HVAC company settles false payroll certification whistleblower claim

We have discussed a range of issues that may provide support for a whistleblower lawsuit under the False Claims Act. Whistleblowers are generally individuals who gain knowledge of fraud related to a federal contract. It is easy to conceptualize overcharging the federal government for services performed or goods provided as a form of fraud. However, fraudulent practices related to a government contract may involve other forms of deception when submitting a bill. A recent case from the Eastern United States highlights how to comply with the law and the terms of the contract may trigger a whistleblower claim.

Assistant managers fighting for overtime pay

Lower rung managers who are often treated by employers as laborers are fighting for overtime pay, according to a recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The latest example is a wage-and-hour lawsuit filed against Kohl's Corp. in which assistant store managers claim they are improperly denied overtime wages though most of their work is manual labor, including the unloading freight and stocking shelves.

Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with employer in disability discrimination dispute

The state Supreme Court has sided with employers in a critical dispute over disability discrimination. Charles Carlson alleged in his lawsuit that his employer, Wisconsin Bell, violated the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act (WFEA) when it fired him. The state Supreme Court recently decided that the company did not violate the law when it fired Carlson for conduct that broke workplace rules, even though Bell knew Carlson had bipolar disorder.

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