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August 2013 Archives

Activists worry Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act in danger

Many times employers will believe they have the upper hand in the workplace over their subordinate employees, which could lead to abuse or wrongdoing. This is why there are employment laws designed to protect employee rights in the workplace in Wisconsin and other states. One of the most important laws is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Former university dean awarded damages in whistleblower trial

Many university faculty members in Wisconsin and elsewhere are committed to both the students and the academic institution for which they work. This may create conflict if the faculty member feels that the university is deliberately misleading students. A jury just awarded a former dean at Globe University $400,000 in her whistleblower trial after she claims she was terminated because she voiced concerns about students being misled in regards to their job prospects.

Wisconsin pharmacist files whistleblower claim against PharMerica

It's rarely easy for employees to make the decision to file whistleblower suits against the companies for which they work. Many understandably fear that they will have to face retaliation from their employers. However, Wisconsin and federal law provide protections for a whistleblower claim, especially when it has to do with the False Claims Act. Under this law, those who hold government contracts can face lawsuits filed by citizens on behalf of the government if the citizens can show evidence of fraud.

Company agrees to comply with Family and Medical Leave Act

The law is designed to ensure that everybody is treated fairly in the workplace. This is especially important for employee rights, since employers are usually in a position of power in the relationship between employer and worker in Wisconsin or in any other state. One law which makes sure employee rights are being protected is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, one employer was recently accused of violating this law by the federal authorities.

County worker receives settlement for disability discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act is designed to protect disabled workers in Wisconsin and across the nation. When an employer violates that act by failing to provide reasonable accommodation or wrongfully terminating a disabled worker, it may be grounds for a disability discrimination suit. A former county worker in another state sued for just that reason, and the county government recently agreed to a settlement in his case.

Wisconsin teachers worried that long-term disability dropped?

Some teachers in a county of Wisconsin are unsure if they will be able to receive some of the benefits that the school district is scheduled to discontinue. The members of the Kenosha school board have made a decision to drop some of the coverage for teachers, both still active and retired. One of the considered changes that has caused the most discontent and uncertainty is the long-term disability benefits. The Wisconsin school district authorities have stated that the rising costs of all benefits and insurance are the main reason that they have decided to discontinue it.

Apply for Social Security disability online in Wisconsin

Situations may arise which may make someone unable to work. Many people who suffer from a disability apply for Social Security disability benefits. A disability is something that diminishes one’s ability to work or do certain tasks and sometimes a disability can be caused by an injury or a car accident. The traditional way for approval is to visit the local SSA office in Wisconsin. Now, those who are disabled can apply for benefits online.

Fired employee sues, says her medical leave request was ignored

Can you steal your co-worker's wallet, use her credit card, and then when you're caught and on the verge of being fired, can you request a medical leave for a mental disability that excuses what you did and makes your firing illegal? That's essentially what a former manager is arguing in her lawsuit against her former employer, a major university in a state other than Wisconsin. Included in her claim for disability discrimination and wrongful termination is the novel contention that the employer should have honored her request for a medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that she filed after the theft incident.

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