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March 2008 Archives

Disability carriers must provide for a full and fair review including the four cornerstones of Reason, Reference, Description, and Explanation, pursuant to ERISA

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) sets certain minimum requirements for procedures and notification when a plan administrator denies a claim for long-term disability benefits. In a nutshell, ERISA requires that specific reasons for denial be communicated to the claimant and that the administrator afford the claimant an opportunity for "full and fair review". These requirements insure that when a claimant appeals a denial to the plan administrator, he or she will be able to address the determinative issues and have a fair chance to present the claimant's case.

Insurer's Cancellation of Health Coverage After Cancer Diagnosis Results in $9M Award

What if you thought you had insurance, were paying your monthly premiums, got sick and got treatment - and then were notified that your insurance was being canceled retroactively, leaving you with huge medical bills?

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