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December 2013 Archives

Social Security Disability eligibility reform needed?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) law is complicated to navigate for any person, and can be doubly complex when a person is also recovering from an injury that has left them disabled. If an individual is disabled and unable to work, it is critical to pursue a claim for Social Security disability immediately. The claim can take a long time to process and Wisconsin claimants may benefit from the aid of an experienced attorney to decrease the risk for hardship.

Long-term disability benefits mean a new year and a new future?

As the new year approaches, new perspectives and goals for the future are born. Communities nationwide will work to create more opportunities for individuals and organizations. One specific Wisconsin community, the disabled community, is working toward such an effort to improve upon the future for people with disabilities. The community is hopeful for changes and advancements to long-term disability benefits, among other things.

Survey: news industry a dangerous place for women to work

Each individual that reads our Milwaukee Employment Law Blog is likely exposed to some form of news media on a daily basis, whether it is on television, in print, over the radio or through the Internet. Although the news is a big part of our lives, a recent survey showed that for the majority of women journalists, bringing us that information isn't an easy job.

Confused by Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations?

In surveys conducted recently by researchers, half of U.S. employers are unsure of how to interpret ADA accommodations and implement provision without avoiding organizational hardship. Wisconsin employers and employees now have the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act for reference with regard to the definition and broadened terms of disability. This amendment to the ADA allowed an increase in the pool of protected individuals. However, further clarity may still need to be provided to ensure protection of disabled individuals in the workplace.

Family and Medical Leave Act: provision changes may be coming

Big changes may be afoot for the structure of FMLA and for the future of Wisconsin workers. Under the current provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees of covered employers are given unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period if they become critically ill or need to care for a family member or child. The changes are being pursued by Senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York, who believes that the current legislation -- in place since 1993 -- places unfair impositions on families and loved ones, forcing them to have to choose between family and career.

The False Claims Act: whistleblowers rewarded and protected

The False Claims Act, including its qui tam whistleblower provisions, is a federal law that was enacted by Congress during the Administration of President Abraham Lincoln to address rampant fraud on the Union Army. To protect witnesses of fraud and reward whistleblower action, Congress included qui tam provisions in the False Claims Act. Wisconsin whistleblowers' rights are protected under these laws. Recently, six whistleblowers collected a large settlement for coming forward in a Johnson & Johnson case.

Social Security Disability benefits available in Wisconsin

This year, millions of Americans have been affected by the government shutdown, and many are still on edge about future cutbacks. Specific benefits payments and pensions for federal government employees have been the source of some debate among Congress as they consider where they can shave off payments to reduce the national debt. Although the results of possible future cutbacks are unpredictable, benefits are still available currently to those in need. In the meantime, individuals who are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Wisconsin can seek aid to achieve the best results and qualification.

Tips for Appearing at Your Unemployment Insurance Hearing

1. Confirm your date and time. Review your unemployment insurance hearing notice, and contact your attorney to confirm your hearing date and time. Your attorney will likely arrange to meet you before the hearing is scheduled to begin.

Americans with Disabilities Act: protecting individual rights

Americans are entitled to equal opportunity as citizens of the United States. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, transportation, state and local government services and telecommunications. When an employer or organization is in violation of the ADA, complaints can be issued, and action can be taken to correct the infraction. Recently, Wisconsin's U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has been given a vote that will impact an international treaty that will protect disabled individuals on an international level.

Unpaid leave: efforts to change are met with varying results

The conversation about employees having access to paid sick leave has been ongoing and has left many still searching for answers. Workers should be eligible to be protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act for serious illness or family emergency care if the terms of employment meet specific requirements. However, unpaid leave continues to be a reality for many in the workplace in Wisconsin and in other states.

What to Expect at Milwaukee Unemployment Insurance Hearings.

1. LOCATION. Unemployment Insurance hearings in the 5 county Milwaukee-metro area typically take place downtown, in a conference room, at the State Office Building. Hearings are seldom held at remote locations at this time due to budgeting issues.

Family and Medical Leave Act violation and racial discrimination

American citizens can protect their rights in the event that they are fired based on discrimination in its various forms. Wisconsin state and federal laws exist to protect individuals and prohibit any adverse employment action including discharge, lack of promotion and unequal pay based on discrimination because of the employee's race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, handicap or disability. Two prison guards were recently fired and have taken action to file discrimination charges for violation of Family and Medical Leave Act and racial discrimination.

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