Long-term disability benefits mean a new year and a new future?

As the new year approaches, new perspectives and goals for the future are born. Communities nationwide will work to create more opportunities for individuals and organizations. One specific Wisconsin community, the disabled community, is working toward such an effort to improve upon the future for people with disabilities. The community is hopeful for changes and advancements to long-term disability benefits, among other things.

The federal and state level changes that are anticipated in the new year will affect the disabled community. Wisconsin Department of Health Services has a new focus on employment and inclusion of those with disabilities. The expected changes are expected to help people with disabilities become more self-sufficient and provide more opportunity in general.

The disabled community is hopeful that more people with disabilities will become an asset to the workforce in Wisconsin. Job creation and advancement are on the forefront according to the co-chairs of the Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations. They believe that Wisconsin can continue it’s course of being a leader and a champion for residents with disabilities.

With outlooks of optimism and empowerment within the disabled community, it is easy to see how advancement is possible. If an individual or loved one is faced with a new disability, there are options. Long-term disability benefits may be secured for Wisconsin workers in the event they become disabled prior to retirement. If benefits are wrongfully denied under insurance policies paid by employers, under private insurance policies or under long-term disability policies, recipients can fight denials successfully with the aid of skilled, experienced professionals.

Source: wisopinion.com, A New Year’s message from the disability community: Looking forward, Maureen Ryan, Beth Swedeen, Kristin M. Kerschenste, Dec. 23, 2013


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