Social Security Disability eligibility reform needed?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) law is complicated to navigate for any person, and can be doubly complex when a person is also recovering from an injury that has left them disabled. If an individual is disabled and unable to work, it is critical to pursue a claim for Social Security disability immediately. The claim can take a long time to process and Wisconsin claimants may benefit from the aid of an experienced attorney to decrease the risk for hardship.

According to reports, Social Security Disability recipients are on the rise across the country. The program is evidently on the verge of insolvency, something which is concerning for many individuals. It is believed that Congress will pool funding from Social Security Trust Fund to make up for the deficit.

Fraudulent claims and general abuse contribute to the program’s drain and lack of funds. There is an overall hope that any sort of reform will re-track benefits to those who are really in need and qualify for disability based on better eligibility rules. Evidence from nonpartisan groups reveal abuse of the SSDI program by several recipients; the reports show alarming numbers of payouts to fraudulent claimants.

With high numbers of claimants and speculation for fraud and abuse, Social Security Disability benefits may only continue to be more difficult to secure for recipients. A strong case must be presented to prove that the claimant’s terms are legitimate and qualifying of benefits. In Wisconsin, the application process for SSI benefits can be assisted and support can be provided to ensure the claim.

Source:, SSA: Disability Recipients Soar, Funding Nearly Depleted Under Obama, Jennifer G. Hickey, Dec. 17, 2013


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