Experience makes the difference in Social Security Disability cases

A claimant may file an application for Social Security Disability benefits at any time after their disability begins, but the longer the claimant waits to file, the harder it can be to secure benefits. With the help of an attorney however, that process becomes much easier and the likelihood of success increases.

Recently, a claimant came to my office with a disability claim based on psychological and behavioral problems. He had not worked in some time, and had waited to file his application for benefits. His medical history was not clearly documented nor was his precise condition clearly diagnosed from a medical perspective. As I met with him, I learned that he had a lengthy history of problems with authority dating as far back as high school, which had been documented, although he had not included that information in his disability application. His work history appeared to be solid and uneventful on paper, however the reality was that he was only able to maintain work under the supervision of a family member. Again, this information had not been shared with the Social Security Administration, which resulted in a denial of benefits.

After speaking with the client and learning about the reality of his employment history and confirmation from family members that he was only able to keep a job because he worked for family, we were able to provide Social Security with a great deal of detailed background and statements regarding the claimant’s work history and behavior. This information, along with medical records that were spotty but consistent in reporting the claimant’s symptomology, was submitted to Social Security for review at the reconsideration level. We were able to highlight the claimant’s disability and benefits were approved on reconsideration.

This individualized approach to the claimant’s education and work history were critical to securing disability for this claimant and is another reason why having an attorney familiar with Social Security Disability is useful and necessary. An experienced attorney will understand the best strategy and approach to make your claim successful.

Attorney Jennifer J. Allen is an associate attorney with Alan C. Olson & Associates, S.C. If you have any questions about Social Security Disability, please contact her at [email protected].


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