Milwaukee age discrimination suit settles for $32K

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In April, 2010, a 62-year-old Wisconsin woman was fired from Computer Systems, LLC, in Milwaukee. The woman had worked loyally for the company for 38 years before she was suddenly replaced by a younger employee who she had just finished training. Last month, the now defunct computer company settled an age discrimination lawsuit filed by the former employee for $32,500.

Shortly after the workforce reduction that brought forth the decimation claim, Computer Systems sold its assets to National Information Solutions Cooperative in November 2010. But in the eyes of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “Computer Systems (had) sold its assets but not its liabilities,” and still owed fair compensation for a termination that violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is in place to protect workers over the age of 40 from improper dismissal based on age or replacement by younger workers. The act stands up for older members of the workforce that find themselves at a disadvantage to retain employment, especially after being displaced from jobs. Following her dismissal from Computer Systems, the Wisconsin native has been yet to find work and has since filed for Social Security benefits.

Older individuals are still productive workers and should be rewarded for their loyalty and hard work. Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, employers have an obligation to hold their employees accountable based on ability alone rather than age.

If you feel that you were wrongfully treated in the workplace based on age, consulting an experienced employment attorney can provide support in making sure your rights are protected.

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Computer firm settles age discrimination suit,” Kevin Murphy, Oct. 30, 2012


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