Woman sues former employer when long-term disability benefits end

When someone’s long-term disability benefits claim is denied in Wisconsin, it may be important to seek legal counsel to determine whether the insurer is making a mistake or even acting in bad faith. Long-term disability insurance is a safety net so that workers will have a source of income should they become disabled prior to retiring, but unfortunately, it can be very difficult to obtain benefits.

A woman in Illinois recently sued her former employer as well as its insurance provider for reportedly canceling her disability benefits prematurely. Often, people do have to go to such lengths in order to receive the benefits owed to them.

The woman reportedly worked for a retail business from 1985 to September 2006. Throughout her employment, the employer provided medical benefits, including a long-term disability plan. In June 2006 she began receiving benefits under the long-term disability plan.

She also received Social Security disability benefits.

This went on until 2011, when the woman received a letter stating the long-term disability benefits were terminated because the insurance company believed she could work.

The woman, however, maintains that she is totally disabled and deserves disability benefits under the employer plan until she reaches the age of 65.

Details of the woman’s condition were not included in a news report regarding the case. There are certain disabling medical conditions that are often quite difficult to prove to a disability insurance company. These include diseases that are hard to show on X-rays or diagnostic tests–such as lupus, immune dysfunction syndrome and chronic pain, among others.

When people are denied benefits because of a lack of disability evidence, it is sometimes possible to appeal the decision and ultimately obtain benefits. Whenever someone is denied disability benefits for disputed reasons, it is important to seek legal guidance from a long-term disability benefits attorney.

Source: The Madison-St. Clair Record, “New York & Co. sued by former employee over disruption of long-term benefits,” Andrea Dearden, Jan. 31, 2013


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