Wisconsin woman takes action for disability discrimination

It is the constitutional right of every American to be treated fairly and without discrimination. Discrimination is the lawful and intentional unfair treatment of a person based on any of a set of federally protected characteristics. Disability discrimination occurs when a person with a disability is treated unfairly, or when adequate accommodations are not made for people with disabilities. Recently, the 2012 Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin has taken action against disability discrimination throughout the city of Whitewater.

Among the allegations include the claim that many of the city’s amenities do not include proper accommodation in accordance with the ADA (American with Disabilities Act). The woman depends on her wheelchair for general transportabilityshe has cerebral palsy and minimal mobility at least one of her arms. A staunch promoter of accessibility issues, she has spoken about discrimination against those who are disabled and reform routinely.

A local park misses the mark on ADA regulations on several accounts and is currently under scrutiny. The major offenders include steep wheelchair ramps, unreasonable parking spaces and a general lack of access for wheelchairs. By taking action, the woman is hopeful that her argument will be acknowledged and steps will be taken to make the necessary changes for wheelchair access.

The ADA prohibits disability discrimination in a number of different contexts. When an organization or an entity is not in compliance with the ADA’s provisions, an individual has the right to take action. Claims can be made under the ADA in Wisconsin to put an end to wrongful disability discrimination.

Source: dailyunion.com, Whitewater sued over non-wheelchair access, Kevin Murphy, Aug. 22, 2013


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