Whistleblower video leads to investigation and subsequent action

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When people in positions of authority fail to complete their jobs responsibly, dangerous consequences may follow. Whether it be due to fraudulent activity or negligent behavior, there are many federal, state and city laws meant to encourage whistleblowers to report fraud against the government and protect them from retaliation when they do. The federal False Claims Act allows Wisconsin whistleblowers — “relators” as the law refers to them — to file whistleblower actions against federal contractors for fraud against the government.

Recently, one whistleblower case revealed the dangerous behavior of one school bus driver. A video of a school bus driver captured a shocking reality after many parent complaints fell on deaf ears. The video depicted the driver nodding off as he drove a school bus full of young children presumably to or from school.

Parents initially filed complaints with the transportation department but did not receive any response. A local media station aired the video that showed the bus driver falling asleep as he drove the school bus. The video prompted immediate action. The driver, the transportation of operations director and another employer were suspended and subsequently fired shortly thereafter.

Successful whistleblower cases have been brought to the table by whistleblowers and their whistleblower attorneys against many types of professionals. Anyone who possesses inside knowledge about fraud against the government can file a claim. No matter the offense, the kinds of whistleblower claims span the spectrum. Wisconsin whistleblowers can be protected from retaliatory action in the event of filing a claim to bring fraudulent or negligent activity to the surface.

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