More ailments covered by Wisconsin Social Security disability

People who receive Social Security disability in Wisconsin sometimes are stigmatized as trying to receive “easy” money when they may not necessarily need it. However, the reality is that many individuals in Wisconsin truly rely on SSDI because, when it comes to making a living, they are out of options due to a serious physical or mental disorder. About 200 health conditions have historically been treated with more urgency by the government program when it makes Social Security disability eligibility decisions, but 25 more conditions recently were added to this list.

The now 225 conditions are referred to as compassionate allowances. These health problems include several cancers as well as digestive issues. Other problems include immune system and neurological troubles as well as issues with multiple body systems.

Under the Compassionate Allowances program, disability decisions for Americans with critical impairments are made expeditiously. As a result, these individuals can get their SSDI decisions within days rather than having to wait for months. Nearly 200,000 individuals with serious disabilities have benefited from the more rapid process.

When a doctor tells a person that he or she is no longer capable of being in the workplace, the individual can easily feel distraught. This is particularly true if he or she is the primary or sole breadwinner in the household. Social Security disability insurance is designed to help such an individual to cover lost wages. If he or she files a claim but is denied, understanding the law can help him or her to more effectively pursue the benefits to which he or she is entitled in Wisconsin.

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