Legal assistance with long-term disability claims

Being faced with the inability to work can be stressful for a Wisconsin employee. As your health is affected because of a disabling condition, it is important to address the challenges that could result. Being unable to continue to work can be an extreme financial issue, but disability insurance is meant to counter this by providing an income. Unfortunately, you may find that an insurer is unwilling to honor its policy.

One of the most common issues resulting in the denial of disability benefits is a lack of objective evidence. While physical conditions that can be demonstrated with X-rays or MRIs may be difficult to dispute, pain and fatigue claims are often denied due to a lack of objective proof. Unfortunately, these chronic conditions can still make it difficult or impossible to continue working, meaning that a denial can place you in a distressing financial situation.

It can be helpful to work with a lawyer on a denied long-term disability claim as issues such as bad faith of an insurance provider are evaluated. In many cases, long-term disability is included in an employee’s benefits package. In other cases, employees may pay for disability insurance through wage deductions. When a legitimate claim is denied, it can be devastating to the individual who has made such payments as a safeguard against this type of situation. However, effective representation may be helpful in ensuring that a claim is fairly reviewed.

It is important to address a denial promptly, especially if bad faith has been demonstrated in an insurer’s explanation. With our extensive experience with these issues, we can evaluate whether the insurer has involved a biased medical professional in the decision. Issues such as making a retroactive cancellation of a policy may also be addressed. Learn more as you read our page about denied benefits.


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