Taking action when an employer engages in questionable or illegal business activities

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2015 | Whistle-blower Claims

Upon being hired and throughout one’s time as an employee with a company, he or she may be required to complete various training courses. Often, topics related to business ethics and applicable company policies are included in these training materials and sessions.

For example, training may include information about confidentiality, fair competition and conflicts of interest. Much like an employee who breaches or violates company policies or federal laws may face disciplinary and legal action, so too can an employer who engages in unfair, unethical and illegal business practices.

In cases where an employee learns that an employer is engaging in business activities that violate state or federal laws, he or she would be wise to document such activities and to contact an attorney. Provided such information meets statutory requirements, an individual may choose to pursue a lawsuit against an employer.

Federal whistleblower laws protect employees who blow the whistle on and report employers that are engaging in unfair and illegal business activities like insider trading, health and safety code violations and fraud. For an employee who has knowledge of these types of illegal business practices, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to come forward and he or she may fear the possible ramifications of doing so.

Wisconsin employees who believe an employer’s actions are illegal and who wish to learn more about possible legal remedies, can benefit from the advice and assistance of an employment attorney. The legal professionals at Alan C. Olson & Associates provide strong legal advocacy and representation for whistleblowers.


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