Family Radio is focus of wrongful termination lawsuit

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Harold Camping was an evangelist perhaps best known for his widely publicized prediction that the world would end in October of 2011. When the forecast failed, Camping and his Family Radio sharp drop-offs in popularity and revenue. He died in late 2013, but the radio network continues to broadcast. (Family Radio is aired in Milwaukee on WMWK.)

The network was recently the focus of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by an accountant who says she was fired by Family Radio because she is a lesbian.

According to a media report, the woman was hired in May of last year to help the California-based network with its struggling finances. She claims that she earned a raise in pay and a promotion, but that her employment was terminated after Family Radio learned that she is gay.

She accuses the broadcaster of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

The woman says that while she worked for Family Radio, co-workers expressed anti-gay feelings. The news report indicates that she told a supervisor that she is a lesbian and that the supervisor advised her to keep her sexual orientation a secret.

But after a staff meeting in which the possible hiring of a gay person was discussed, the woman said she told her supervisor that she would tell management that she is gay. The next day, she was fired.

A Family Radio lawyer denies the allegations in the lawsuit, but points out that federal law doesn’t ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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