When health issues prevent you from working

Life is difficult; much more so when illness or injury prevents a person from working. Some of the leading causes of long-term disability include arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue, back pain, heart disease, cancer, chronic pain and diabetes.

When one of these or other disabling conditions strike, it often leaves the worker and worker’s family in a precarious financial position. It is a difficult time in which many people struggle to make the best financial decisions.

Some who are struck by a disabling illness or injury will turn to their investments, savings or retirement plans. To do so can be a mistake that many never recover from financially, said a financial planning director.

Before doing that, she urges people to examine all their available options. More than 150 million workers are insured for Social Security Disability benefits; about 52 million have a 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account and about 32 million have long-term disability insurance, usually through their job.

Unfortunately, many insurers will try to deny long-term disability benefits, though premiums have been duly paid and the worker has a qualifying, disabling health condition.

In those situations, the worker and worker’s family often face a bleak financial future if a fight for needed and deserved benefits is not waged. That fight for compensation often is waged best with the help of an attorney experienced in litigating denials of benefits.

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