How to file an appeal if your disability claim is denied

Like most Americans, you probably have insurance coverage for your home, vehicle and health. Hopefully, you have disability insurance as well, in the event of an accident or injury that prevents you from continuing to support your family through your current source of employment.

However, in some cases, your insurance company might deny your disability claim. But while that process may be frustrating, you can appeal your denial in order to receive long-term disability benefits.

Steps you might need to take to appeal a denial of LTD benefits

Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny initial disability claims. However, if your request for long-term disability benefits is denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. And depending on your circumstances, you might need to appeal multiple times.

Upon denial, you will receive a detailed notice regarding the decision. You have the right to request the medical records, documents and expert opinions used in that process. These can be helpful in the process of appealing your denial, during which you may:

  • Seek additional medical testing to substantiate your case
  • Submit your complete medical records
  • Provide written opinions from your physicians
  • Supply non-medical letters from friends, family and vocational expert about how your condition affects your ability to earn a living
  • Verify the receipt of all the documents provided to your insurer

It is vital to submit all possible information about your claim to your insurance company so that they can make an informed decision. Then if need be, upon further denial, you can support your claim in court.


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