Are you experiencing workplace discrimination?

Anyone can be the victim of workplace discrimination and not even be aware of it. Workplace discrimination can happen in any industry, from fast food to education. The first step to fighting back against discrimination is being able to recognize it. While discrimination only applies if it is against one of the protected classes, it is important to know how it can happen. Here are only a few common examples of discrimination.

Denied for promotion

While not everyone can earn a promotion that can only go to one employee, the reason you were denied could be discrimination. If you suspect that your employer denied your promotion because of your race, age, or other protected class, you may have experienced discrimination.

Denying workplace benefits

If your employer offers maternity leave, retirement options, disability leave or other benefits, they need to offer it to everyone who qualifies for them. It may be discrimination if your workplace denies an employee parental leave because of religion or if the employee is in a same-sex marriage, for example.

Not hiring you

It is possible to suffer from discrimination without even working at a company. When an employer rejects your application because of something like your age, sex or disability, you may be a victim of discrimination.

What you can do about it

If you suspect that you are a victim of workplace discrimination, know that documentation is everything. If you are able to, keep copies of any emails or any other communication that may prove the discrimination you have experienced.

If you are not sure if you are the victim of discrimination or unsure what to do next, contact an experienced attorney today. The attorneys at Alan C. Olson & Associates can help you review your unique situation and help you take the next steps in holding your employer accountable.



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