What are the signs of employer retaliation?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Employment Law

Your employment in the state of Wisconsin entitles you to certain rights. This includes the right to be paid a fair wage and the right to report any illegal or unethical behavior that you witness your boss or company owner committing. You also have the right to be protected from all forms of employer retaliation.

Actions that can lead to employer retaliation

You have the right to both resist and report all forms of discrimination that you may experience while at the workplace. It is illegal for your supervisor or company owner to engage in any kind of retaliation as a consequence of your exercising your rights.

An employer cannot order you to perform any activity that would result in discrimination or in you breaking a law of any kind. They also cannot fire or threaten you for resisting unwanted sexual advances or intervening to help someone else. Any threats or actions of this kind are strictly against the law. The business where you are employed can be found fully liable for any discrimination, harassment, or intimidation that may be leveled against you.

Employer retaliation can take many forms

The retaliation can take a number of forms. Your employer may try to fire you or demote you to a position with hard or humiliating tasks and much lower pay. They may try to make an example of you in front of the others by subjecting you to brutal taunts or physical intimidation. They may try to stir up ugly rumors or prejudice against you. An employer bent on retaliation may try to cause you as much physical and emotional harm as possible.

These are all illegal behaviors that you are entitled to report to the authorities. The first step to navigating this process is contacting a trusted workplace retaliation attorney. Alan C. Olson & Associates has experience helping victims of workplace retaliation hold their employers accountable.


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